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We do tires and wheels! Tires are another very important safety feature on your vehicle. They are the only part of the car that directly connects you to the driving surface below.

We are one of just a few automotive repair shops in the area with a road sensing tire balancer. This allows us to find even the smallest of frustrating tire balance imperfections. We have the latest in mounting equipment to install larger custom rim and tire combinations. If alignment is the concern, we can solve that as well.

We can also repair and reset Tire Pressure Monitoring system common on all newer vehicle today. Keeping track of tire pressure is good for the tire life, the safety of the car and for your pocketbook as well, keeping tires at proper inflation is the most cost effective way of saving some money.

We also keep Nitrogen in stock at all times to refill tires, so if they came from the factory that way or if you’ve had them switched over, we can fill them! Nitrogen is a more stable inert gas than the regular compressed air coming from most compressors. We offer Nitrogen fills for all vehicles.

We can mount and install winter tires and wheels as well. Give us a call for any of your tire questions or needs.

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