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Did your check engine light just come on? Maybe an indicator light for your anti-lock brakes and traction control system, the airbag, or the tire pressure monitoring system. We can solve the problems that arise from these and any other system in your automobile.

Computer integration on vehicles has become more and more complex, as has the equipment and knowledge to repair them. While this is true, technology advancements have allowed technicians to connect with each other over the internet and access common issues with searchable databases, and detailed information allowing quicker fixes and better service for consumers.

The electrical systems in vehicles have developed faster than most of the other onboard systems, and in most cases are an integral part of every component of the car. From tire pressure monitors to adaptive cruise control to lane departure warning and assist systems.

We can access updates and reprogram almost all makes and models of vehicle and have the most up-to-date information available to all our technicians.

Manufacturers are required to make available to consumers the latest in software upgrades and information available for a reasonable price, and we can economically assist you with these needs and updates as they arise.

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